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Smarter intelligence.

We are Synalogik — a team of OSint, data processing & automation experts from across the intelligence, law enforcement & investigation industries, united by one vision; to revolutionise the automation of targeted data collection & analysis, allowing organisations to make smarter decisions.

The problem

Whether assessing risk or investigating crime, it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Data volumes are growing exponentially, analysts face higher volumes of risk daily; something has to change to redress the balance.

Due to time and resource pressures, analysts often have to prioritise lines of enquiry or make decisions knowing only half the story.

Until recently, the means to investigate disparate data sets concurrently, in near real time, did not exist.

Introducing Scout®

The online platform that harnesses the power of automated gathering, cleansing and analysis of data to empower people to make more informed decisions, in a fraction of the time.

Scout® enables your people to do what they do best; making decisions free from the pressure of manually cross-referencing multiple data sources and identifying potential red flags.

How Scout® works

Scout® is helping organisations analyse, risk assess and report data in a fraction of the time compared to manual checks.


Scout® targets diverse internal and external data sets looking for specific information linked to the search criteria.

Analyse & Investigate

All of the relevant information is then cleansed, analysed, and given a risk assessment in a matter of seconds.


The results are presented in an easy-to-navigate report, showing a detailed analysis of the subject’s risk profile.

Scout® is a customisable platform that enables you to make more informed decisions in a fraction of the time. Explore further to learn about how it can revolutionise your data analysis.

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Industries we work in

Scout® is revolutionising the way multiple industries analyse data

“Synalogik have quickly grasped our requirements and worked with us at pace to meet all of our corporate governance steps”
Gavin Coull
Enterprise Fraud & Authentication Strategy Lead –
NatWest Group
“We’re incredibly excited to be working with Synalogik; especially given all of the possibilities this relationship presents.”
James Miller
Lexham Insurance
“In my experience using and reviewing compliance tools, Scout is the best I’ve come across in the industry”
Claire Farrugia
Head of Compliance –
Transact Payments Limited
“Our partnership with Synalogik has been of tremendous value during our formative years. Scout is such a significant enhancement to our counter-fraud capability”
Matthew Price
Head of Claims –
Marble Arch Insurance
“We are very excited to partner with Synalogik. They add significant strength and unique skills to our ecosystem”
Lorrin White
Bamboo Technology Group
“Having reviewed the market for OSint capabilities that work best alongside our products; by far and away the market leading offering came from the Scout platform”
Steve Griffiths
Commercial Director –
Forensic Analytics
“Aston University has been working with Synalogik to develop our third party risk assessment and due diligence processes for the last six months. Synalogik has proven to be a flexible, helpful and knowledgeable partner in this time and continue to develop its software, Scout, to our particular use case during the project.”
Ben Stone
Head of Corporate Accounting –
Aston University

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