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Automation and Time-saving in a Complex Insurance Personal Lines Fraud Investigation

About Elixir Intelligence

Formed in 2000, the Elixir Intelligence database is a risk management service provided by CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd to a closed group of leading UK life insurance companies. The database was built 20 years ago to support compliance with FCA reporting regulations and ongoing information sharing.

The challenge before Scout®

Several Elixir Group members offering personal lines were victim to a highly organised fraud.

£8million was detected as fraud when an Independent Financial Advisor turned rogue.

Elixir Intelligence knew it was crucial to move fast, but to carry out an investigation manually was a long process.

How Scout® Helped Elixir Intelligence

Synalogik’s fraud and financial crime experts worked with Elixir Intelligence to outline all the key elements of the investigation – for example, where to search, defining key results and how to draw links between information found – and then set them up as automated workflows. Synalogik then utilised Scout®’s advanced investigations tool to visualise links from the investigation workflows, add further entities, eliminate false positives, and narrow down to the key evidence.

Scout®’s automated collation, analysis and aggregation capabilities across open source, third party and internal datasets, meant it was able to find sufficient incriminating evidence in just 3 hours.

In those 3 hours, it investigated 94 entities, and identified 15 significant business links. In doing so, saved 850 hours compared to a manual investigation.

A police investigation was instigated on the evidence gathered by Scout®.

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