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Scout® Aids Government Agency in Large Scale Fraud Investigation

The challenge before Scout®

A Government investigation agency needed to identify companies linked to an individual who was deliberately changing their name to avoid being linked to a large-scale fraud. To find these companies, without Scout, meant manually searching for variations of their name, address, and date of birth and continually cross referencing the results to discover links that, in turn, might be investigated further from closed data sources. This incredibly time-consuming process, with a high chance of human error, was reduced to minutes.

How Scout® helped:

To ensure enough all permutations and potential name spellings were assessed, our data gathering platform was targeted to use variable fuzzy logic to review a hybrid data set of commercial information looking for links to this person, their address and their date of birth.

Within 90 seconds all 13 companies associated with this individual were correctly identified and an additional conspirator could be proved to be involved.

This same case had previously been investigated by a team of two investigators for over three weeks and only five of the companies had previously been identified using manual processes.

The individual was successfully prosecuted and imprisoned for several years.


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