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Scout® Automates Claims Validation & Investigation for Marble Arch

About Marble Arch

Marble Arch is a specialist provider of motor insurance claims services. They act on behalf of certain insurers who want high-quality services provided to their clients.

The challenge before Scout®

Marble Arch operates in a core market that focuses on insurance products that other, much larger, insurers simply aren’t willing to write. This is predominantly as a result of the complexity and cost attached to dealing with the type of claims that are covered within the book.

The vast majority of claims they receive would most commonly be referred to in Insurance as ‘high risk, high exposure’. These include high volumes of pedestrian injury cases, claims involving cyclists, claims involving credit hire, and claims where the risk of fraud is largely disproportionate to any standard motor book.

When they came to market, they understood that, to enable them to exist in such a challenging space, they would have to develop an offering that was almost entirely bespoke and as niche as their products.

Hand-in-hand with the decision to focus on such a challenging space was the knowledge that risk assessment and fraud detection for these kinds of claims was more complex and time-consuming. And, if they were going to perform those checks at a viable cost to exist as a profitable business, they would have to find innovative ways to carry out the in-depth level of risk assessment and investigation necessary.

How Scout helped Marble Arch

Marble Arch turned to Synalogik and its data aggregation and automation platform Scout®, which is designed to help organisations carry out fraud, compliance, and all related investigations faster, more effectively and at reduced cost. Scout® automates the aggregation, cleansing, analysis, and reporting of data across open source, third-party and internal datasets. It also contains a wealth of tools to create targeted, bespoke workflows to match every stage of financial crime lifecycle.

Scout has been adopted by Marble Arch across 3 core areas:

  • To better assess risk at underwriting

The portal allows screening of new customers to a much greater extent that was previously possible. They validate personal details incredibly quickly and assess whether the risk has been presented accurately and truthfully.

  • To enable validation of genuine claims quickly and more efficiently

As with all Insurers, it is necessary for them to validate that the claim presented is genuine and that the terms of insurance contract have been met. Previously that process placed significant emphasis on the customer and required the provision and disclosure of various documents and items of information.

  • To undertake detailed counter-fraud investigations

Their counter-fraud process has been rebuilt around Scout® and the capability it gives them. There is nothing else in the market that would enable them to gather and collate as many data sets as quickly or as effectively.

Fraud Investigation Example

In the below March Arch wanted to reduce fraud exposure in their motorbike portfolio, which includes delivery drivers, young riders and other higher risk categories.

Synalogik’s fraud and financial crime experts worked with Marble Arch to identify the key warning signs that indicated the possibility of fraudulent behaviour. They then set up automated risk assessment workflows to investigate for these triggers.

Scout® automated their claim validation process in relation to DVLA data, running a Proof of Value (POV) involving 1,400 claims.

Scout® found 215 vehicles as having no MOT and identified 11 thefts as having occurred within 24 hours of a failed MOT.

The whole validation process took only 6 minutes delivering incredible operation efficiencies in terms of speed and cost and resulted in projected annual savings of around £1.02M.

“Our partnership with Synalogik has been of tremendous value during our formative years. Scout® is such a significant enhancement to our counter fraud capability”
Matthew Price Head of Claims – Marble Arch

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