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Scout® Automates the Investigation of Modern Slavery in a Potential Supply Chain Agreement

About HCR

Harrison Clark Rickerby (HCR) is an award-winning Top 70 UK law firm with a strong international presence including offices in the USA, China, India, Nordics and the Netherlands. Their expertise covers a wide range of sectors and subjects across both personal and business law.

The challenge before Scout:

Applying Scout® in international law

Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR)’s international law team had to advise whether their client should enter into supply chain agreements with a manufacturer in Xingyang, China. The client wanted enhanced due diligence with a focus on modern slavery and unethical practices. Carrying out such investigations involved expertise in the right search terms and in conducting complex open-source intelligence searches, a time-consuming process when done manually.

HCR were looking for a solution to reduce time spent on manual data collation and eliminate the inconsistencies that often occurred.

How Scout® helped Harrison Clark Rickerby (HCR):

Highly targeted, automated open-source searches

HCR’s experienced senior partner drew up a list of keywords to search for based on his in-depth knowledge of the country. He then utilised Scout®’s advanced open-source search builder to set up automated searches targeting those terms.

Aggregated, standardised and concise reports

Scout® analysed and collated the results within seconds from across the internet into a unified, standardised report with all the sources fully auditable.

It was then clear to HCR that, while the region had modern slavery issues, there was no evidence to associate them to the supply chain. The client could therefore do business and uphold their ethical values.


“Scout®’s customisable open-source search automation tools enable us to collate more detailed reports in minutes and focus our time squarely on analysis and decision-making where our real value to clients lie.”

Emma Humphrey, HCR Law


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