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Scout® Investigation Automation Workflows Help Solve String of Burglaries

The challenge before Scout®

An investigation into a series of high value commercial burglaries revealed that a large white Mercedes van had been used to take stolen goods from the scene.

The vehicle registration plate had been concealed by a towel being placed over the registration throughout the burglary itself. A check on the nearby ANPR cameras produced a spreadsheet of the vast number of vehicle registrations for cars, lorries and motorcycles travelling into and away from that general location an hour either side of the offence occurring.

Manually checking each VRN to see if it might have been the white Mercedes was not possible due to lack of time and resource.

How Scout® helped:

Scout was configured to flag only those registrations which were linked to white Mercedes vehicles with an engine size over two litres. Within a couple of minutes, a bulk file of all the registrations was uploaded into Scout and correctly revealed the one registration which matched that of the suspect vehicle.

Using our OSint builder, Scout could then identify all the webpages where that vehicle was referred to including where it had been advertised for sale on a website only days before the offences were committed. Relevant lines of enquiry were immediately apparent and proactive policing of the matter was made possible.


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