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Scout® Traces Fraudulent Signatories To Recover £700k In Lost Funds

About HCR

Harrison Clark Rickerby (HCR) is an award-winning Top 70 UK law firm with a strong international presence including offices in the USA, China, India, Nordics and the Netherlands. Their expertise covers a wide range of sectors and subjects across both personal and business law.

The challenge before Scout®:

HCR Law were instructed to help a company that fell victim to a £700k fraud.

To pursue recovery of the losses, they needed to find the fraudulent signatories of a loan document.

A huge volume of information on potential individuals of interest obscured the connection between the fraud perpetrators and the company.

How Scout® helped Harrison Clark Rickerby (HCR):

Scout®’s automation and aggregation capabilities across open source intelligence (OSINT) and other data sources were employed by HCR to try and reduce the time needed for this kind of complex investigation.

Scout® collated and cut through the huge volumes of data needed in a matter of minutes rather than days – in effect by a factor of 500.

Scout® found evidence linking the company, signatories and media coverage of fraud.

HCR’s client can now pursue loss recovery from a Defendant.


“Scout® enabled me to turn huge quantities of raw information into actionable intelligence within minutes by visualising the network behind the data that would otherwise have been impossible.”

Emma Humphrey, HCR Law


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