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In the news: Former Executive Director of Sportingbet, Mark Blandford, talks to G3 Newswire about why he sees Synalogik as a company to watch for.

Author: Warren​ Coles
Date: May 2022

We at Synalogik were really proud this week to see Mark Blandford’s interview in G3 Newswire. Mark, former Executive Director of Sportingbet, talks about why he invested in Synalogik, and sees us as a company to watch for.

Read the interview to find out:

  • How he met our CEO Gareth Mussell, and their football connection.
  • How our data aggregation platform Scout is enabling more intelligent decision making.
  • Our expansion plans and key markets.
  • Why we have a more complete solution for automating enhanced due diligence investigations.





Warren​ Coles
Warren is a growth and digital marketing veteran with over twenty years' experience across SaaS and the wider technology area in general.