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Government organisations and departments face unprecedented data challenges – issues ranging from fraud to taxes and benefits to grants. The Synalogik team have decades of experience working for and within Government; with former legal, Government, intelligence and Ministry of Defence careers. We’ve been at the coal face and we’re acutely aware of the pain points involved.

These experiences led our founders to creating Scout® – a single intelligence platform, that aggregates data sources and automates the gathering of siloed data – allowing investigators to spend more of their time making informed decisions.

Government investigation protocols are continually evolving – they have to – to keep pace with the changing data landscape and increasingly sophisticated methods deployed by those looking to break the law. Managing huge data volumes and assessing heightened threat levels is challenging. That’s where we come in – providing technology that grows with you, keeping you ahead of the game. In 2021 we deployed DataHunter®, a platform which aggregates sensitive data concurrently with third party aggregators and open source intelligence.

Remove the need to repeatedly search different data sources for the same inputs, logging in and out each time – Scout® has them all in one place.

Discover hidden connections – clash large data sets against each other, then enrich those results with a variety of data sources using Scout®.

Use your own unstructured data sets to enrich investigations by adding them into the “Customer Own Dataset” functionality, delivering additional insights from former investigations.

A “Single Intelligence Environment” – Scout® integrates all the data sources you are lawfully entitled to process into ‘one pane of glass’ – including third party, OSint and your sensitive internal data – saving up to 85% of your team’s time compared with manual processes.

Auditable, CPIA, PACE and GDPR compliant processing of all your data sources.

“Scout® makes every operator an analyst”. An ‘out-of-the-box’ solution with advanced open-source techniques, foreign language searching and complex risk assessments.

“Synalogik's data aggregation platform, Scout®, represents a huge technical leap forward for the UK Justice and Public Safety Community. We're proud to partner with their team on what is a highly scalable and unique offering for the UK public safety market.”
John Pittaway
Sales manager –
UK Public Sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Case study

Scout aids government agency in large scale fraud investigation

A Government investigation agency needed to identify companies linked to an individual who was deliberately changing their name to avoid being linked to a large-scale fraud. This incredibly time-consuming process, with a high chance of human error, was reduced to minutes by Scout®.

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