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Multiple data sources are essential to detect and assess risk around claims and underwriting. Our automation platform, Scout®, takes a data agnostic approach, aggregating third party data providers with open source and internal data – and eliminating the need for manual integration of additional data sources that are a challenge of other solutions.

The result is we can maximise the operational efficiencies from automation, saving 85% of your team’s time.

Discover more fraud with less effort – For a Tier 1 Motor Insurer Proof of Value Scout® identified in excess of  £1.6 million in annual fraud savings and saved 288 hours compared to manual processing.


Better Customer Experiences – Reports compiled in less than a minute enable your business to make decisions on validating claims more quickly, ensuring genuine customers stay happier and more loyal. While simultaneously detecting more fraud to ensure premiums can be kept lower.

Single Intelligence Environment – Along with internal data and open source, Scout® has out-of-the-box third party data integrations with CRIF, Creditsafe, TransUnion, GBG and, added in 2020, LexisNexis EDD Insights, Equifax public and private sector data feeds, and the the Claims Underwriting Exchange (“CUE”) data set.

Better Analyst Decisions – Automated search and risk workflows, entity link visualisation, data clasher, open-source tools and standardised, in-depth and clear reports, free of human error, give your team the tools and time to focus on decision making.

“Our partnership with Synalogik has been of tremendous value during our formative years. Scout is such a significant enhancement to our counter-fraud capability”
Matthew Price
Head of Claims –
Marble Arch Insurance

Case study

Scout® Automates Claims Validation & Investigation for Marble Arch

Scout® completed the whole validation process in only 6 minutes, delivering incredible operation efficiencies in terms of speed and cost and resulted in projected annual savings of around £1.02M.

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