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Law Enforcement

An ability to research, cleanse and analyse data swiftly is critical to 21st century policing. Scout® puts you at the forefront of automated data analytics, allowing you to make the right decision when it matters most.

Scout® will draw links for investigators between seemingly disparate data sets across multiple different investigations, potentially identifying wider criminality.

Rapid interrogation of vast quantities of data across internal, third party and open sources; whether enquiries relate to individuals, telephone numbers, vehicles, postal or email addresses.

Expediting the laborious, time-consuming, manual researching of numerous data sets; giving time back to the investigator to make key decisions.

Risk assessing data against bespoke risk algorithms written to be applicable to individual investigations or cases and cleansing the data to sift out the noise.

Our innovations

Scout® is made up of many innovative tools that all contribute to maximising AML, KYC, and EDD data automation and aggregation capability for your organisation.

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