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About Us

Synalogik's Leadership Team

We are a team of experts from across the intelligence, law enforcement and investigation industries, united by one vision – to revolutionise the way criminality and risk are detected, prevented and prosecuted. We bring together over 500 years experience in intelligence, policing, prosecutions and FTSE 100 industries to form an agile team, operating at the cutting edge of data analytics.

Our Team

Gareth Mussell
Gareth Mussell, who is now the CEO, is a former police officer, who found his calling in utilising data to better help with investigations and checks. After leaving the police force, he worked as Head of Fraud and Head of Research and Intelligence at G4S and then as a consultant before founding Synalogik.As well as CEO, Gareth is Synalogik’s Chief Product Officer, personally driving the key features and innovations that have enabled Synalogik to accomplish their vision to automate complex investigations that require multiple data sources. Under Gareth’s leadership, Synalogik has won numerous awards, completed its Series A, expanded to more than 70 employees, and grown its client base across multiple sectors, including 40% of the gambling market.
Howard Wilding
Capability Director
Howard has more than 30 years’ experience helping Government organisations deliver fully integrated technology to meet their operational requirements. Howard works closely with customers to research, build, deploy and optimise Intelligence systems across numerous areas including, GeoSpatial, Intelligence and Data intensive systems. He champions business change, and leading Synalogik’s Innovation programmes; he transforms the way businesses work with data and Scout™ to improve investigation, law enforcement and subject profiling to successfully detect criminal activity such as money laundering, fraud, trafficking, and OCGs.
Andrew Booth
Chief Operations Officer
As COO, Andrew’s focus is working with our CEO, our Board and investors to implement our strategy and deliver on our growth plans. Andrew has helped grow Synalogik from 14 members of staff, when he joined in 2020, to 65 members of staff across two offices to help serve our customers in their mission to make every decision intelligent decision. A former Police Officer, skilled in the use of open source and third party data to progress complex investigations, Andrew holds an MSc in Risk and Security Management and is currently writing a PhD thesis focussed on the maturity of third party risk mitigation.
Mike Fowler
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Fowler is CTO of Synalogik and a Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP). Driven by a belief that humans should only do interesting things, Mike uses his years of software, data, and ML engineering experience to build reliable, scalable, and resilient distributed enterprise systems. Mike holds multiple public cloud certifications across AWS, Azure, and Google, and he particularly enjoys taking customers on the journey from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics. Mike is an open-source advocate having contributed to PostgreSQL, Terraform, and YAWL. Previously Mike was Principal Data Engineer at Claranet and Head of Systems Engineering at Rant & Rave. Mike speaks regularly at conferences and meetups, sharing interesting ways to make great use technologies.
Andrew Hastie
Non-Exec Director
Andrew was one of the founder members of Synalogik. He defined and designed the original Scout product architecture, and led the engineering team to the successful implementation of the initial product deliverables.Andrew’s background is one of 40 continuous years of hands-on involvement in the IT industry. He has worked for the likes of ICL, Severn-Trent Water, QinetiQ, First Utility and BT. At First Utility and Workflow Science Ltd., he took a leading role in establishing an initial operating capability. Although primarily a software architect, systems designer and software engineer, he has worked in several roles as a Research Scientist within organisations associated with UK Government, Military and Security services.