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Introducing Scout®

Scout® enables compliance and investigation teams across both the public and private sector – including banking, gaming, insurance and law enforcement – to carry out automated fraud detection and enhanced due diligence checks in a fraction of the time.

The problem

Whether assessing risk or investigating fraud, it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Heightened regulatory requirements and increasing fraud activity are increasing the need for enhanced due diligence and sophisticated fraud detection checks.

To carry out compliant enhanced due diligence and fraud risk assessment, teams log in and out of multiple data sources and browser windows before compiling and creating non-standardised reports.

This is incredibly time consuming, fraught with the risk of human error, leaving businesses liable to reputational risk, regulatory fines, and exposure to fraud.

The solution: Scout®

Scout® automates your existing workflows by aggregating, cleansing, analysing, and reporting upon data across Synalogik, open source, third-party and internal datasets; enabling you to carry out compliance, AML, KYC, fraud, remediation and enhanced due diligence checks in a fraction of the time.


Scout® targets diverse internal and external data sets looking for specific information linked to the search criteria.

Analyse & Investigate

All of the relevant information is then cleansed, analysed, and given a risk assessment in a matter of seconds.


The results are presented in an easy-to-navigate, fully auditable report, showing a detailed analysis of the risk profile.

Scout® was created by compliance and fraud investigation experts from across law enforcement, insurance and gambling with 100s of years of experience. That expertise is packed into our software with tools built to help analysts, compliance teams and investigators do their job better and faster.

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Benefits of Scout®

Scout® is improving customer experience, investigation accuracy and operational efficiency.

Scout® – the capability to find more fraud, reduce exposure to fines from Regulators and avoid reputational damage; our automation features reduce the time and resources needed, often by a factor of a 100.

Better customer experiences – Manual compliance checks take hours, delaying decisions. Scout® changes this to seconds; ensuring happier, safer and more loyal customers.

Greater accuracy – Automated aggregation and auditing resolves the errors that can occur when manually searching, drawing links and cross referencing data across your internal, third-party and open-source datasets.

Improved analyst decisions – Standardised, in-depth and clear reports, free of human error, mean your team are free to focus on decision making, rather than logging into multiple data sources and compiling reports.

Quicker training – Scout® aggregates all your data sources, meaning your compliance and investigation teams only need to know how to use Scout®, not a multitude of different systems.

Reduced reputational risk – Our highly targeted, GDPR compliant profiling minimises your exposure to people and businesses of concern.

Data agnostic – Scout® is data agnostic and designed to work with all data providers, eliminating the learning curve associated with changing suppliers and giving you the flexibility to choose a provider that best suits your business needs.

Synalogik datasets – Synalogik datasets include standard, enhanced and premium personal identifiable information (PII); global commercial data; PEPs and Sanctions; credit application; disposable phone and email; credit address links; CCJ and bankruptcy; land registry; and compromise checker, among others.

Discover more fraud – Automating the ability to look for tell-tale signs of risk gives your team the time and tools to find more fraud and improve your business’ bottom line.

Automated EDD – Our ability to do consensual, subjective open and closed source searching gives you the option to “know your customer” in much more detail without needing to contact them for further documentation.

More GDPR compliant investigations:

  • processing all personal data through one user interface, with your clients’ consent, avoids lengthy reviews of multiple reports when SAR requests are received.
  • removing false positives by triaging results on name, date of birth and address before reports are generated, ensures you comply with data minimisation principles.
  • automatically deleting personal data when data retention periods are met ensures you no longer retain bloated case management systems
  • retaining an auditable log of every search, data set interrogated, user details and results ensures you can evidence every step of your data processing.

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