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Advanced Investigations

Scout® risk assessments and search workflows can be used to research specific types of risk and get immediate, automated reports highlighting those factors of concern.

However, investigators and analysts employed by Law Enforcement Agencies and in the private sector are likely to need to conduct follow up searches to discover hidden links, undercover organised crime groups and build up in-depth profiles.

Scout® WorkBench allows users to carry out complex further investigation through visualisations of links between entities, and then the ability to select, investigate and risk assess any one of them at the click of a button.

Key Features

Initiate additional searches relating to results of interest and combine them seamlessly into the main report as required.

View the results in multiple formats: Workbench Report; Table View, Map View and Node View.

Get a diagrammatic visualisation of the links between entities using Node View.

Find hidden links or points of interest, then trigger any number of additional searches for people, companies, telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses or vehicles.

Retrieve OSint results from live webpages, cached webpages or via direct link to the Wayback Archive – giving you the chance to review results which have otherwise been removed from the web.

The ability to search historic reports within your Scout® Archive and populate them into your latest WorkBench report on a temporary or permanent basis so as to visualise where links of interest occur.

The ability to add your own data sets directly into the Scout® platform using our “Customer Own Data Sets” functionality and treating them as a separate data pot from which to retrieve results.

Through Scout®’s graph introspection technology you can find out when your current investigation is linked to any that preceded it within your team, organisation or group of associated organisations.

Merge the findings into one pdf, excel or API output for export to your Case Management System.

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