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Commercial Monitoring Functionality

Your compliance and supply chain obligations are not finished after one search. Threats to your business from criminals, failing businesses and negligent conduct can arise at any stage. Monitoring third party supplier risk allows your team to proactively assess threats to business continuity as they arise.

Scout® empowers businesses by highlighting to them the risk of working with or being associated with companies of concern. Without your team having to spend time researching your supply chain, you can leave Scout to monitor any and all risks you might be exposed to. Scout® can monitor all potential changes to a businesses with predetermined regularity or in real-time.

Key Features

Get immediate warnings if there has been a change of concern to a company in your supply chain.

Pre format Scout® to flag those cases and risk score them where appropriate.

Target precise changes, even down to a particular form lodged at Companies House, so that you’re only informed of those that matter to your business.

Changes to company ownership, company details, annual filings or borrowing can each be selected and monitored separately with corresponding risk scores.

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