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Data Aggregation

Rigorous enhanced due diligence and fraud checks require data from multiple different sources, which, when collated manually, are incredibly time-consuming to complete.

While some automation solutions exist, they often only include their own proprietary datasets, are not enough to conclude an investigation satisfactorily, and inevitably result in the analyst slowed down as they have to revert again to manual aggregation with additional datasets.

Our automation platform, Scout®, resolves this with a data agnostic approach to aggregation, integrating all your chosen datasets into a single intelligence environment; allowing you to search once and automatically pull data from all these datasets. By doing so, it enables KYC EDD / Responsible Gambling checks, remediation reviews and fraud detection risk to be discovered faster and reduce operational costs.



Key Features

The “Single Customer View” – one platform for all your compliance needs.

Out-of-the-box third party data integrations from Equifax, W2 Global, LexisNexis, Creditsafe, TransUnion, GBG and many more.

Incredibly easy-to-use, single login platform with ISO 27 001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.

Secured access through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign On (SSO) and IP address restrictions.

Aggregates and risk assesses data from multiple disparate sources in near real time concurrently.

Cloud based, scalable, technology means Scout® is capable of processing thousands of complex searches concurrently, creating an auditable log of all activity.

Our flexible microservices architecture means Scout® is able to process searches individually, in bulk or via a fully automated API integration.

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