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Open Source Intelligence

Open source intelligence is the fastest growing source of information for investigations. Both the FCA and Gambling Commission require regulated entities to utilise open source intelligence to supplement third party and internal data sources prior to making decisions about individuals and businesses.

“Open source data exists which can help operators assess affordability for their GB customer base and improve their risk assessment for customer interactions.” – Remote Gambling Operators update from the Gambling Commission – Social Responsibility code 3.4.1

Yet, at the same time, is the least utilised as it can yield too many results, which take too long to filter.

Scout® open-source intelligence tool enables you to create highly targeted automated searches around keywords, proximity, time-frame and document type, eliminating false positives, and getting you to the right information in seconds.


Key Features

Select from or customise our tried and tested OSint templates for your industry; benefiting from the experience within our Synalogik team and our wide customer base in both the public and private sectors.

The Scout® OSint builder is sufficiently advanced to allow you to only retrieve results linked to your inputs, by putting filters around the location of the results, the timeframe when they were created and even the type of document on the web.

The Scout® platform complies with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Stop your team from simply “Googling” your customers; yielding millions of results many of which are prioritised by your browsing preferences not actual relevance.

Significantly reduce the number of results by adding keywords of relevance and templating those searches for ongoing use.

Retain an auditable log, within a standardised report, for all the open source searches your team make.

Start your search query from the country of origin in question so as to prioritise the results for your global client base.

Exclude or include results from specific webpages of interest so as to avoid false positives.

Identify risk to avoid reputational damage or regulatory breaches by linking open source data to people, companies, email addresses, addresses or IP addresses of concern.

Easily create, save and add the searches into Scout® workflows that can be applied to individual, batch or API files.

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