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Compliant Reporting

Creating reports that require information from multiple, disparate data sources made up of different formats is incredibly time-consuming, often leading to reports that differ in terms of quality and depth.

Scout® automatically collates, cleanses, risk assesses and reports all the disparate data sources your team currently manually research, then creates a standardised report on its findings. By creating concise and auditable reports, your team are free to do what they do best; making decisions and delivering great customer service.

Key Features

Get compliant and accurate reports, automatically, in under 60 seconds.

Download reports as PDFs or as a spreadsheet with attribution for every result set out in the report.

Get risk assessments highlighted at the top of the report to save reading every aspect of the information gathered.

Easily conduct follow up searches on related results within the same Scout® WorkBench.

Comply with Data Minimisation principles by using Scout® to cleanse potential results by name spelling, date of birth or proximity.

The ability to remove OSint or other results immediately and permanently so as to comply with Data Protection laws.

By processing all your clients personal data in one platform you can now respond swiftly and easily to Subject Access requests.

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