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Risk Assessment

Decisions about affordability, fraud risk, AML concerns or enhanced profiling are complex and subject to human error when numerous datasets are involved. Manually reviewing risk from multiple data sources is extremely time consuming and the consequences of getting it wrong can result in payouts for fraudulent claims, regulatory fines or reputational damage.

Scout® risk assessment tools allow you to create sophisticated rules that automatically look for specific risks, and then score them to get an overall assessment of their level, helping your team to make the right decisions, save you money and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Pull in and assess data from all your data sources, no matter how disparate.

Build any number of negative or positive risk rules and weight the results to build out a holistic risk view.

Highlight risk as a score or Red, Amber, Green (“RAG”).

View risk assessments in your Workbench or embedded within reports; allowing your team to be proactive.

Get an auditable, transparent and detailed assessment on people, companies, vehicles, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

Consult with our expert team to get risk evaluation support and guidance.

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