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Synalogik Knowledge Base

For a variety of reasons, individuals might wish to conceal their links to previous addresses, emails, phone numbers, client accounts or companies. An awareness of such links enhances an organisations ability to guard against risk from fraud, money laundering and to assist with persons showing signs of addiction to gambling.

However, managing this can be extremely difficult for businesses with numerous sub-brands and siloed branches, resulting in higher exposure to the risk of fines or fraud.

The Synalogik Knowledge Base provides such protections. It searches across your previous investigations to automatically find if anyone has looked at this customer or their associated data points before; saving time and offering greater insights when building a profile.

Key Features

When people or businesses choose to present themselves differently, you know about it.

Within the bounds of Data Protection laws, Scout® gives you a holistic view across your team’s investigations.

Achieve a Single Customer View with awareness across multiple accounts and brands within your organisation.

ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant data storage at rest and in-transit.

Scalable and customisable access management for your users, both in terms of functionality and data source access.

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