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More efficiently validate claims

Validation procedures need to create the right balance between discovering possible fraud and ensuring genuine customer claims are validated quickly. Our solution aggregates all your data sources in one, allowing you to automate that validation process and save up to 85% of your analysts’ time.

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Existing manual validation processes are time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with human error

Increasing claims fraud activity

Criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated in their approach, targeting claims across vehicle, house, and almost all areas of insurance.

Need for more complex investigations

With that increase in fraudulent behaviour thorough validation procedures are requiring more diverse datasets and expertise in carrying out in-depth investigations.

Manual processes are unsustainable

Manually aggregating multiple data sources takes much longer, impacting the ability to investigate all signs of risk to the depth needed, putting pressure on team resources, and potentially slowing down claims to the detrimental effect of customer experience.

Investigating supply chain modern slavery

Maximise automation efficiencies for claims validation

Our platform, Scout®, automates claims validation across all your chosen data sources as one to optimise operational efficiency, enabling you to more stringently flag risk, investigate in more detail, faster, and at a lower cost.


Save up to 85% of your team’s time

Get reports in seconds

Key Features

True single intelligence environment – Along with Synalogik datasets, internal data and open-source intelligence, Scout®’s third party integrations include Companies House, CIFAS, Creditsafe, CRIF, DVLA, DVSA, Equifax, Land Registry, LexisNexis and TransUnion datasets.

Synalogik datasets – Synalogik datasets include standard, enhanced and premium personal identifiable information (PII); global commercial data; PEPs and Sanctions; credit application; disposable phone and email; credit address links; CCJ and bankruptcy; land registry; and compromise checker, among others.

Carry out claims validations faster whilst more thoroughly investigating the data available to your team.

Search using pre configured workflows that collate and analyse fraud risk associated with people, companies, email addresses, phone numbers and even vehicles across your data sources, along with visualisation of links to make it much easier to discover hidden connections and fraudulent activity.

Visualise merged data sets using our map view, node view, spreadsheet output or report view.

Standardised, concise reports with all sources referenced enable your analysts to make better decisions.

Automation of cross referencing and drawing links across disparate datasets reduces the errors that can occur when doing this manually and improve accuracy.

The generation of reports in less than sixty seconds allows you to make decisions more swiftly and improve your customer experience.


Scout® overcomes the problem of returning too many results from open-source searches with tools to create highly targeted automated searches around keywords, proximity, time-frame and document type.

Our sophisticated cleansing technology reduces false positives by allowing you to evaluate potential targets from multiple data sources by prioritising on name spelling, date of birth or even location.

Scout® ‘s automation tools are already delivering significant R.O.I gains for insurers across claims fraud detection, prevention and claims validation.

Learn How Scout® Works

Learn how Scout® works

Case Study

Scout® Sucessfully Combats Insurance Claim Supply Chain Fraud

Learn how Scout® helped a tier 1 Motor Insurer discover more fraud in their claims supply chain and deliver results in minutes rather than days.

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Our Insurance Clients


“Our partnership with Synalogik has been of tremendous value during our formative years. Scout is such a significant enhancement to our counter-fraud capability.”
Matthew Price
Head of Claims –
Marble Arch Insurance
“We are delighted to partner with Synalogik to support our due diligence across our intermediary sales team ensuring the highest standards of compliance are maintained.”
Sam Perrin
Head of Intermediatory Sales Quality –

Our Partners

In the News

Synalogik Signs Strategic Partnership with CRIF to Deliver Their Sherlock Investigation® Data via the Scout® Platform

Learn how Scout®’s integration with CRIF enables insurers to ensure they can automate almost every aspect of the claims validation process, and gain more operational efficiency.

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