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Counter Terrorism

Conduct Counter Terrorism investigations faster and with greater precision.

Counter Terrorism (“CT”) policing investigations are complex and of paramount importance.  The biggest challenge to CT teams is fully understanding the risk presented by individuals and groups, whilst maintaining procedural and legislative requirements.

Investigations usually require the assessment of multiple data sources in time sensitive situations. Our solution aggregates all your data sources into one platform; saving up to 85% of research time, so that your team can make fully informed decisions, rapidly.


Handling hundreds of live investigations while reviewing thousands of individuals takes considerable time, effort and expertise.

Whether investigating a highly sophisticated international conspiracy, or a lone individual preparing an attack, your team need to be ready to deploy, knowing the full extent of the threat presented.

Vitally important information

Reviewing Open-Source intelligence can be extremely time consuming due the volumes of data available and likelihood of false positives.  Key nuggets of information can be overlooked if your approach is not configured to filter out the noise.

Disparate data sources

Manually searching and re-searching multiple data sources takes much longer and has greater potential for human error.

Looking further afield

Counter Terrorism investigations can centre on online activity, attack planning or terrorist activity abroad that may have an impact in the UK, requiring the ability to search in Non-English languages.

Maximise open-source searching, whilst concurrently scrutinising all your other data sources, in one.

Our data agnostic platform, Scout®, includes open-source search tools that allow highly targeted, standardised searches, enabling you to find the right information, faster, in more detail and whilst uncovering hidden connections to your previous investigations.


Save 85% of your team’s time

Get reports in seconds

Benefits and Features

A single Counter Terrorism intelligence platform with commercial, consented, consumer, open-source and policing data concurrently risk assessed; saving time, reducing cost while allowing you to more thoroughly investigate the data available.

Synalogik datasets – Synalogik datasets include standard, enhanced and premium personal identifiable information (PII); global commercial data; PEPs and Sanctions; credit application; disposable phone and email; credit address links; CCJ and bankruptcy; land registry; and compromise checker, among others.

Out-of-the box third party standard integrations include Equifax, TransUnion, LexisNexis, CreditSafe, Companies House, open-source intelligence and many more.

Search using pre-configured workflows that collate and analyse Counter Terrorism risk associated with people, companies, email addresses, phone numbers and even vehicles across your data sources, along with visualisation of links to make it much easier to discover hidden connections and suspicious activity.

Visualise merged data sets using our map view, node view, spreadsheet output or report view.

Standardised reports with the results of all data sources referenced in an auditable and compliant manner.

Reduce human error rates by letting our technology automatically identify alias names, dates of birth, connected addresses, linked financial associates and much more.

The generation of reports in less than sixty seconds allows you to make decisions more swiftly to prevent, pursue, protect and prepare.

Scout® overcomes the problem of returning too many results from open-source searches with tools to create highly targeted automated searches around keywords, proximity, time-frame and document type.

Our sophisticated cleansing technology reduces false positives by allowing you to evaluate potential targets from multiple data sources by prioritising on name spelling, date of birth or even location.

Create, save, and update open-source search workflows with any number of search terms, filter permutations and advanced parameters.

Analyse by advanced parameters, including proximity, timescale, document type and country specific search location for even greater accuracy

When creating global searches from non-English speaking countries, Scout® will convert your keyword searches into the language of the country selected; ensuring you get the best results no matter where you’re looking.

Proximity tools enable you to target those results linked to within a particular radius of your search query.

Identify risk by linking open-source data to people, companies, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers or vehicles of concern.

With Scout® being operable upon handheld and desktop devices, field teams now have the ability to assess data when and where they most need it.

Scout® is already delivering significant R.O.I gains for vetting, compliance, fraud detection, intelligence and investigation teams across law enforcement agencies and Government organisations.

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Scout®: Enabling Counter Terrorism Investigators to Automate Enquiries Over ALL Their Data Sources


“100% cutting edge. If you aren't on the Scout platform, you're being left behind.”
David Wilson MSc
Regional MS & Organised Immigration Crime Lead –
West Midlands ROCU

Case Study

Scout® Aids Government Agency in Large Scale Fraud Investigation

A Government investigation agency needed to identify companies linked to an individual who was deliberately changing their name to avoid being linked to a large-scale fraud.

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