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Recover more debt, faster

Investigations to trace individuals and their assets often require multiple disparate data sources. Our solution aggregates all your data sources in one, allowing you to automate that investigation and save up to 85% of your analysts’ time.

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Existing manual debt collection investigation processes are time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with human error

Explosion of available data

The incredible amount of data now available presents a fantastic opportunity for collections firms to trace an individual in a timely, accurate manor in order to continue with their collections strategy and locate the subject.

Investigations becoming more complex

However, with investigations to find them becoming more complex, requiring data from multiple data sources and the ability to cross reference across these disparate data to find hidden links, it is also an opportunity for those debtors to hide.

Manually conducting investigations increasingly difficult

Manually trying to aggregate and collate across multiple data sources takes much longer, has greater error and escalating costs making it much more time consuming and difficult to trace and locate the debtor.

Complete investigations automation solution for collections

Our platform, Scout®, automates debt collection investigations across all your chosen data sources as one, optimising operational efficiency, investigation speed, accuracy, and recovery possibilities.


Save 85% of your team’s time

Get reports in seconds

Key Benefits

True single intelligence environment – Along with Synalogik datasets, internal data and open-source intelligence, Scout®’s third party integrations include Companies House, CIFAS, Creditsafe, DVLA, DVSA, Equifax, Land Registry, LexisNexis and TransUnion datasets.

Synalogik datasets – Synalogik datasets include standard, enhanced and premium personal identifiable information (PII); global commercial data; PEPs and Sanctions; credit application; disposable phone and email; credit address links; CCJ and bankruptcy; land registry; and compromise checker, among others.

Carry out investigations faster and have the time to investigate more cases in more detail.

Search workflows that collate and analyse across your data sources, along with visualisation of links, make it much easier to discover hidden connections and trace the heir.

Standardised, concise reports with all sources referenced enable your analysts to make better decisions.

Automation of cross referencing and drawing links across disparate datasets reduces the errors that can occur when doing this manually and improve accuracy.

The generation of reports in less than sixty seconds allows you to make decisions quicker and improve debt recovery ratios and ROI.

Scout® overcomes the problem of returning too many results from open source searches with tools to create highly targeted automated searches around keywords, proximity, time-frame and document type.

Sophisticated search tools filters for entity resolution help further reduce false positives and target your investigation more appropriately.

Scout® ‘s automation tools are already delivering significant R.O.I gains for debt recovery, compliance, fraud detection, intelligence and investigation teams across numerous industries.

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Case Study

Scout® Traces Fraudulent Signatories To Recover £700k In Lost Funds

Learn how Scout®’s automation and aggregation capabilitiesd reduce the time needed for this kind of complex investigation by a factor of 500.

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“Having reviewed the market for OSint capabilities that work best alongside our products; by far and away the market leading offering came from the Scout platform”
Steve Griffiths
Commercial Director –
Forensic Analytics
“Scout® enabled me to turn huge quantities of raw information into actionable intelligence within minutes by visualising the network behind the data that would otherwise have been impossible”
Emma Humphrey

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