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Improve Vetting Efficiency with Automation

Thoroughly checking the background of employees over multiple data sources is crucial to avoid reputational and commercial damage. Our solution automates this process, saving up to 85% of your time.

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Manually carrying out complex background checks is time-consuming and expensive

Positions of public importance

For candidates subject to public scrutiny, you require thorough background checks that involve information from open sources, enhanced commercial data sets and often sensitive HMG datasets.

Investigations becoming more complex

Carrying out these kinds of background check requires data from multiple sources and the ability to cross reference these disparate data sources to find hidden links.

Manually carrying out EDD is increasingly difficult

Having to manually login to numerous datasets and, one at a time, collate data, look for connections, and compile reports is incredibly draining on your team’s resources.

Maximise automation efficiencies for background checks

Our platform Scout® automates investigations and checks across Synalogik, open source, third party and internal datasets, optimising operational efficiency and making it easier to meet your background check needs.



Save up to 85% of your team’s time

Get reports in seconds

Key Benefits

True single intelligence environment for background checks – Along with Synalogik datasets, internal data and open-source intelligence, Scout®’s third party integrations include Companies House, CIFAS, Creditsafe, DVLA, DVSA, Equifax, GBG, Land Registry, LexisNexis and TransUnion datasets.

Synalogik datasets – Synalogik datasets include standard, enhanced and premium personal identifiable information (PII); global commercial data; PEPs and Sanctions; credit application; disposable phone and email; credit address links; CCJ and bankruptcy; land registry; and compromise checker, among others.

Find more risk, carry out enhanced checks faster and more thoroughly investigate multiple datasets to better meet compliance needs.

Search and risk assessment workflows that collate and analyse across your data sources, along with visualisation of links, make it much easier to discover hidden connections and candidate risks.

Identify risk to avoid reputational damage or regulatory breaches by linking open-source data to people, companies, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers or vehicles of concern.

Create and save any number of candidate risk assessment workflows capable of scoring risk across your data sources.

Standardised, concise reports with all sources referenced enable your analysts to make better decisions and better meet compliance standards if audited.

Automation of cross referencing and drawing links across disparate datasets reduces the errors that can occur when doing this manually and improve accuracy.

The generation of candidate vetting reports in less than sixty seconds allows you to make decisions quicker and improve your applicant’s experience.

Powerful open-source searches with tools to create highly targeted automated searches around keywords, proximity, timeframe, and document type, minimising false positives.

The ability to run and re-run historic backlogs of security checks without needing a higher headcount, means your checks can meet the increasing public scrutiny expected for positions of public or heightened responsibility.

Scout® is already delivering significant R.O.I gains for HR vetting, compliance, fraud detection, intelligence and investigation teams across insurance, banking, gaming and law enforcement.

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Case Study

Scout® Automates the Investigation of Modern Slavery in a Potential Supply Chain Agreement

Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR)’s international law team had to advise whether their client should enter into supply chain agreements with a manufacturer in Xingyang, China.

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“Scout®’s customisable open-source search automation tools enable us to collate more detailed reports in minutes and focus our time squarely on analysis and decision-making where our real value to clients lie.”
Emma Humphrey
“Having reviewed the market for OSint capabilities that work best alongside our products; by far and away the market leading offering came from the Scout platform”
Steve Griffiths
Commercial Director –
Forensic Analytics

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