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Transform your internet, intelligence and investigation capability using targeted automation

Manual internet checks through search engines create huge volumes of leads, most of which are false positives. Our solution offers highly sophisticated tools to filter results precisely, saving up to 85% of your team’s time.

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Standard search engines are designed to maximise sales for advertisers linked to your search history; when used for intelligence and investigation purposes that inevitably generates heightened levels of false positives.

Too many results

If search parameters are not tightly targeted, internet intelligence can become extremely labour intensive, as too many results need to be reviewed.

Missed opportunities

Key nuggets of information can be overlooked when vast numbers of potential “hits” are returned, creating operational inefficiencies and lost opportunities.

Broader horizons

“iii” investigators are often researching targets based overseas, so need translation support to review potential results of interest or to guide their search terms.


Maximise internet intelligence and investigation search accuracy with automation tools

Our data agnostic platform, Scout®, includes internet search tools that allow highly targeted, standardised, global searches that enable your team to find the right information faster, in more detail, and give you the time to uncover more hidden connections.


Save up to 85% of your team’s time

Get reports in seconds

Key Benefits and Features

Create, save, and update internet search workflows with any number of search terms, filter permutations and advanced parameters.

Analyse by advanced parameters, including proximity, timescale, document type and country specific search location for even greater accuracy.

Review far more than just social media sites or news articles related to your targets, Scout® allows you to target all openly available information anywhere on the web.

When creating global searches from non-English speaking countries, Scout® will convert your keyword searches into the language of the country selected; ensuring you get the best results no matter where you’re looking.

Proximity tools enable you to target only those results linked to within a particular radius of your search query.

Identify risk to avoid reputational damage or regulatory breaches by linking internet data to people, companies, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers or vehicles of concern.

Standardised, auditable reports with all sources referenced, enable your team to make better decisions, faster.

Real-time results allow your operational team to make proactive decisions about the risks presented in any given scenario.

With Scout® being operable upon handheld and desktop devices, you have the ability to assess what the world knows about a given concern when you most need that information.

Scout® open source tools are already delivering significant R.O.I gains for compliance, fraud detection, intelligence and investigation teams across insurance, banking, gaming and law enforcement.

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An Introduction to Synalogik and the Scout® Platform


Open-source Intelligence and Enhanced Due Diligence Checks: There is a Better Way!

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is an extremely valuable tool across a whole host of sectors. Read our blog to find out how to ensure you can reduce false positives and maximise accuracy.

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Case Study

Scout® Aids Government Agency in Large Scale Fraud Investigation

A Government investigation agency needed to identify companies linked to an individual who was deliberately changing their name to avoid being linked to a large-scale fraud.

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What People Are Saying

“Scout®’s customisable open-source search automation tools enable us to collate more detailed reports in minutes and focus our time squarely on analysis and decision-making where our real value to clients lie.”
Emma Humphrey
“Having reviewed the market for OSint capabilities that work best alongside our products; by far and away the market leading offering came from the Scout platform”
Steve Griffiths
Commercial Director –
Forensic Analytics
“100% cutting edge. If you aren't on the Scout platform, you're being left behind.”
David Wilson MSc
Regional MS & Organised Immigration Crime Lead –
West Midlands ROCU

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