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Cost-effectively and quickly carry out PEPs and Sanctions checks

Effective KYC and AML checks are essential to protect your business. Our scalable, intuitive platform automates global PEPs and sanctions checks and enables you to seamlessly carry out enhanced due diligence; allowing you to more confidently and quickly onboard good customers and manage high-risk ones.

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Existing PEPs and sanctions solutions can be slow, expensive and are often siloed from your other AML and KYC needs.

Sanctions lists continually evolving

Lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and sanctioned entities are changing on a daily basis globally, while one central database and definition doesn’t exist.

Manual checks slow and expensive

Consequently, with so many sources to collate from, manually carrying out AML compliance checks require a lot of time, driving up costs of compliance and worsening the customer experience.

PEPs and sanctions just one part of the AML puzzle

Solutions capable of delivering efficiencies by automating all aspects of your AML checks – including EDD stages that require multiple data sources – are not available.

Expensive, fixed price solutions

If data providers don’t offer scalable packages, smaller businesses can find the cost of onboarding a new customer a huge commitment.

Standardised, auditable reports

With increasing regulation and the prospect of being audited, organisations need to have reports that will stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Get optimised pricing, a super intuitive all-in-one platform, and comprehensive PEPs and sanctions data for efficient, fast and more accurate compliance checks

Synalogik offers daily, updated PEP’s and Sanction data collected from an extensive list of both global and local sources for greater accuracy. The data is integrated into our data aggregation solution, Scout®, a unique platform capable of automating all aspects of AML checks including EDD. Scout® provides standardised, auditable reports, a single user interface, and access to flexible and scalable data pricing through our rich data provider partnerships and integrations. 


Save up to 85% of your team’s time, compared to manual checks

Get reports in seconds

Key Benefits

With no single universal definition of “politically exposed person” (PEP), our data incorporates specifics from the widest rage of sources, including non-legally binding framework legislation by the Wolfsberg Group, FATF, UNCAC, JMLSG and legally-binding legislation by the EU (4MLD) and by the governments of the individual countries.

Our data includes data from 233 countries and territories, and follows industry leading review and retention cycles to ensure maximum protection.

Benefit from additional PEP Tiering guidelines allowing clients to better understand the PEP verification process and select PEP data of interest based on their own risk appetite.

Scout® integrates commercial, consented, open source and internal data in a true single intelligence environment for KYC and AML checks; in doing so, allowing you to seamlessly move from one level of check to another, onboard faster, significantly saving time and reducing costs.

Cost effectively scale your data needs – using your existing data aggregated in to our Scout® data aggregation platform, or use our own datahub and draw your data directly from Synalogik

Create search and risk assessment workflows that collate and analyse across your data sources, along with visualisation of links, make it much easier to discover hidden connections and risk.

Standardised, concise reports with all sources referenced enable your analysts to make better decisions and more easily meet compliance standards if audited.

Customise your workflows to assess risk of all levels of complexity, at any stage of the customer relationship, whether it is simple or high-risk customer onboarding or ongoing monitoring.

Include variable data like Companies House to monitor your customers, reassess at periodic points, and then proactively identify customers whose patterns of behaviour are moving towards offending.

Automation of cross referencing and drawing links across disparate datasets reduces the errors that can occur when doing this manually and improve accuracy.

Overcome the problem of returning too many results from open-source searches with tools to create highly targeted automated searches around keywords, proximity, timeframe, and document type.

The generation of reports in less than sixty seconds allows you to make decisions quicker and improve the experience for genuine customers.

Scout® is already delivering significant R.O.I gains for PEPs and sanctions checks across insurance, banking, gaming and legal.

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Our Clients


“Synalogik have quickly grasped our requirements and worked with us at pace to meet all of our corporate governance steps.”
Gavin Coull
Enterprise Fraud & Authentication Strategy Lead –
NatWest Group
“In my experience using and reviewing compliance tools, Scout® is the best I’ve come across in the industry.”
Claire Farrugia
Head of Compliance –
Transact Payments Limited
“Synalogik delivers on our vision of leveraging innovation and technology to create the best experience for every customer whilst delivering the highest standards of compliance effectiveness and corporate governance.”
Brendan MacDonald
Director of Customer Protection –


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