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Synalogik launch with Transact Payments Limited

Author: Daniel White
Date: September 2020

Synalogik, pioneers in the automation of enhanced compliance and intelligence checks, have announced their latest customer to use the Scout™ platform; Transact Payments Limited.

The Scout™ platform has been deployed with Transact Payments Limited’s fraud and compliance teams, giving them detailed and FCA-compliant risk-scoring, Enhanced Due Diligence, monitoring and reporting across their extensive European client base.

“We are thrilled to welcome Transact Payments Limited on board,” said Daniel White, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Synalogik. “The payment solutions world is growing incredibly fast and, similar to the traditional banking sources, e-money institutions like TPL need solutions to remain compliant in the enhanced due diligence and fraud space, whilst providing their partners the safest services. By employing Synalogik’s innovative SaaS platform, Scout™, we’re giving businesses the speed and precision they need to improve efficiencies and quality of deliverables.”

Claire Farrugia, Head of Compliance said, “We are extremely pleased to be using Scout as it is, in my experience, one of, if not the best, tools available on the market.  We are very excited about this partnership. The Synalogik team were a delight to work with during the requirements and onboarding process and we look forward to years of collaboration.”

About Synalogik

Synalogik, founded in 2018, was created with the aim of revolutionising the way criminality and compliance checks are investigated; providing a financial and strategic advantage to our global client base. The team at Synalogik are currently providing SaaS platforms and consultancy services to banks, e-payment providers, gaming companies and many other regulated financial organisations across Europe and Asia.

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About Transact Payments Limited

Transact Payments Limited (TPL) is a licensed European e-money institution providing payment solutions to partners across the world and from different industries and sectors. TPL is regulated and authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and is a Principal Member of both MasterCard® and Visa® in Europe, providing European BIN sponsorship and modular payment, debit, and prepaid services.

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Daniel White
Daniel Co-Founded Synalogik Innovative Solutions in 2018 with individuals who came from intelligence, policing and military (UKSF) backgrounds. Daniel has practised for 18 years as a barrister in Citadel Chambers, after studying law at Birmingham University. He specialises in sports and criminal law; in particular the prosecution of serious and grave offences. Daniel is also a Judicial Officer for the RFU, Six Nations and World Rugby.