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Synalogik Signs Strategic Partnership with CRIF to Deliver Their Sherlock Investigation® Data via the Scout® Platform

Author: Warren​ Coles
Date: July 2021

London – Synalogik, a leader in automated AML, KYC, EDD and fraud detection solutions announced today that Sherlock Investigation® API had now been integrated within Scout®; a data agnostic platform aggregating third party, internal and open-source data. Scout® allows your team to login once, then search, risk assess and report across all chosen data sources in one go.

This integration further enhances Scout’s ability to deliver key information to its insurance partners throughout every step of the insurance lifecycle. Coupled with additional data sources such as Companies House, CreditSafe, TransUnion, Equifax, GB Group and open-source intelligence, it will mean that insurers will have a truly holistic view of an individual’s or business’ risk, helping them make mission critical decisions around premiums, claims, MTA and renewals.

Scout’s “input once, access all” approach to data gathering, brings significant operational savings to insurers, from the ability to get automated, standardised reports in seconds to greater accuracy through the elimination of human error in cross referencing links across disparate sources. By combining multiple data points, enhanced with intelligent and highly targeted Open-Source information, insurers can overlay their own risk assessments and be quickly alerted to critical data points to help identify potential fraud and build up a picture of risk.

“Synalogik are proud to be partnering with CRIF Decision Solutions to deliver their key information in support of the insurance industry,” said Daniel White, Chief Commercial Officer, Synalogik. “CRIF have a long heritage of providing data solutions to the insurance industry and our partnership marks a step change in data aggregation for the sector. It means that whatever line of business insurers write, they will benefit from the operational cost savings that Scout’s aggregation and automation capabilities bring.”

“CRIF’s partnership with Synalogik will help insurers make more informed decisions and rely on a wider range of data to deliver better outcomes for their customers. CRIF has always been a data and information system provider and we do believe that the availability, quality and relevance of data will drive more value and effectively boost risk assessment”, commented Sara Costantini, Managing Director of CRIF Decision Solutions.

About Synalogik

Synalogik, founded in 2018, was created with the aim to revolutionise the way AML, KYC, EDD and fraud were detected, and risk assessment carried out, through aggregation and automation of data. Synalogik has since grown rapidly, securing seven-figure funding and a raft of clients for its platform, Scout®, in law enforcement, banking, gambling, insurance and defence.

For insurers looking for more information on Scout® or Synalogik’s partnership with CRIF, please contact Stuart Smith, Commercial Director (Insurance),

About CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd:

With over 20 years’ experience in the UK insurance market, CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd. provides information services, consumer profiling and digital solutions for the UK financial sector to support decision management, fraud prevention and digital transformation.

It is also the outsourcer appointed by Claims Portal Ltd. to operate the RTA, EL and PL portal. Since 2000 the company has supplied some of the major life insurers with a solution to support reciprocal data sharing and credit reporting, relating to collections and adverse activity in the IFA market, and in 2002 it was awarded CUE Nominated Supplier.

CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd. is part of the CRIF Group, a leading provider in continental Europe of banking credit information, and one of the key players worldwide providing integrated services and solutions for credit & marketing management and business & commercial information.

Included in the prestigious FinTech 100, CRIF serves more than 10,500 banks, 1,000 insurance companies and more than 82,000 business clients in 50 countries.

Warren​ Coles
Warren is a growth and digital marketing veteran with over twenty years' experience across SaaS and the wider technology area in general.