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Scout: Combating Fraud and Automating Financial Crime Investigations

Scout: Combating Fraud and Automating Financial Crime Investigations

Scout® is a secure, data aggregation platform that enables users to automate compliance, fraud, collections, tracing and vetting reporting across ALL their internal and external data sources. Providing capacity and capability to your analysts and investigators, Scout® cuts investigation time by up to 85%, compared with manual investigations.

Scout®’s unique aggregation capabilities and unparalleled access to business and consumer data deliver incredible ROI across financial service investigations, including compliance, fraud, collections, tracing and vetting.

A single intelligence environment

Along with Synalogik datasets, internal data and open-source intelligence, Scout®’s third party integrations include Companies House, CIFAS, Creditsafe, DVLA, DVSA, Equifax, GBG, Land Registry, LexisNexis and TransUnion datasets.

Synalogik datasets

Synalogik datasets include standard, enhanced and premium personal identifiable information (PII); global commercial data; PEPs and Sanctions; credit application; disposable phone and email; credit address links; CCJ and bankruptcy; land registry; and compromise checker, among others.

Better customer outcomes

Automated reports compiled in seconds, enable your organisation to make decisions on high-risk individuals quicker, ensuring genuine customers are onboarded successfully and new business opportunities are not lost.

Discover hidden links more easily

Scout® WorkBench allows users to carry out complex further investigations by visualising links between entities and providing the ability to select and investigate any one of them further at the click of a button. Our data clashing functionality allows users to compare datasets to identify commonality.

Better analyst decisions

Standardised, concise reports with all sources referenced, free of the human error that can come from manually cross referencing across multiple datasets, enable your analysts to make better decisions and detect more fraud risk.

Discover high-risk activity earlier

Include variable data like Companies House to monitor your customers, reassess at periodic points, and then proactively identify customers whose patterns of behaviour are moving towards offending.


Know Your Customer

Automate all stages of your KYC and KYB, including onboarding, remediation, monitoring and complex EDD for higher risk customers, saving up to 85% of your analysts’ time.

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How challenger banks can improve their enhanced due diligence processes through automated data aggregation

Challenger banks have been successful in using technology to disrupt the traditional banking sector but, as the above indicates, need to do more to adequately monitor financial crime risks if they are to continue their success.

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