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Scout®: Enabling Police Forces and LEAs to Automate Investigations Over ALL Their Data Sources

Save up to 85% of Your Investigation Time

Police Forces and LEAs facing escalating crime rates with limited resources. At the same time, criminal activity is becoming increasingly sophisticated, resulting in more complex investigations, requiring ever more sources of data. Manually carrying out investigations is time-consuming, inefficient and fraught with human error. Watch our video below to learn how Scout® makes it possible to automate investigations of any level of complexity over open source, third-party and internal data as one, saving up to 85% of your team’s time.

Key Features:

Already integrated with sensitive datasets in the form of the DataHunter© platform, Scout®, created by former police officers, in conjunction with specialist lawyers, ensures that enquiries can be completed in near real time, whilst maintaining the requirements of UK legislation for civil or criminal enquiries.

Live data interrogation across all your data sources – Search your data sources and OSint together in real time, eliminating reliance on bulk data provision, which is outdated from the day it arrives.

Supercharged operational efficiency – Commercial, consented, open source and the option for internal data create a genuine single intelligence platform that maximises efficiencies through automation; reducing investigation time, cost, training time and delivering standardised reports in less than a minute.

Better Analyst Decisions – Create templated search and risk workflows, for standardised, in-depth and clear reports, free of human error; giving your team the time to focus on decision making, not researching.

Scout® Aids Government Agency in Large Scale Fraud Investigation

A Government investigation agency needed to identify companies linked to an individual who was deliberately changing their name to avoid being linked to a large-scale fraud.

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“100% cutting edge. If you aren't on the Scout platform, you're being left behind.”
David Wilson MSc
Regional MS & Organised Immigration Crime Lead –


The New Economic Crime Transparency and Enforcement Bill

In light of the tragic events in Ukraine, the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Bill, was hurried through the UK Parliament. In our latest blog, we examine those changes and how law enforcement agencies and economic crime investigators can best take advantage of these additional powers.

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