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Scout Enhanced Player Profiling Automation and Reporting for Gambling Operators

Save up to 85% of Your Enhanced Player Profiling Time

 With safer gambling and AML regulations becoming more stringent, the cost of staying compliant using manual processes is becoming an unsustainable financial burden for operators.

Synalogik’s data aggregation platform, Scout®, automates enhanced player profiling over all of an operator’s chosen data sources as one, delivering a neat, auditable report in less than a minute and saving up to 85% of analysts’ time.

Gambling and gaming operators are under increasing pressure to ensure that their customers are gambling responsibly – in 2021, a total of £32.1million was paid by 15 gambling businesses as a result of fines or regulatory settlements – more than any previous year.

In order to meet their compliance obligations, operators have lowered their risk thresholds and started to review more cases and in greater depth. Unfortunately, enhanced player profiling when done manually is an incredibly time-consuming process, leaving operators with no choice but to hire more analysts and see their margins squeezed even tighter.

Synalogik’s data aggregation and automation platform, Scout®, offers a genuinely unique industry solution to this challenge. It enables the automation of enhanced player profiling checks that require multiple data sources, significantly improving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and providing the platform for analysts to make better decisions.

Additional key features include:

Single customer view – Scout® is designed to be database agnostic, enabling operators to create search and risk assessment workflows that can gather, analyse and risk score across third party data sources, open source intelligence and internal data as one.

Out-of-the-box third party data integrations include Equifax, W2 Global, LexisNexis, Creditsafe, TransUnion, GBG and many more. This approach maximises the operational efficiencies of automation and avoids the problem of manual integration that proprietary data solutions bring.

 Keep more customers – By generating compliant auditable reports in seconds, Scout® enables operators to risk assess a flagged player quickly, reducing the likelihood they join a competitor in frustration while they wait.

In addition, its ability to offer greater insight from online data sources makes it possible to make a decision without contacting a customer for documents; in doing so delivering a less intrusive customer experiences.

Improved analyst decisions – Manually cross referencing and collating data from multiple datasets in different browser windows can easily lead to human error. Scout® creates standardised, in-depth and clear reports, leaving operators and their teams free to focus on decision making.

Sophisticated open source intelligence tools – The Gambling Commission requires regulated entities to utilise open source intelligence to supplement third party and internal data sources prior to making decisions about individuals and businesses.

Scout® open-source intelligence tool enables operators to create highly targeted automated searches around keywords, proximity, time-frame and document type, eliminating false positives, and getting them to the right information in seconds.

Market proven – Scout® is already delivering efficiencies for the compliance needs of a number of operators, including Entain Plc, BuzzBingo, William Hill and Betway. Its scalable pricing means it can deliver value quickly for operators of all sizes.


“Synalogik delivers on our vision of leveraging innovation and technology to create the best experience for every customer whilst delivering the highest standards of compliance effectiveness and corporate governance.”
Brendan MacDonald
Director of Customer Protection –
“Buzz Bingo is delighted to partner with enhanced player profiling automation specialist, Synalogik. Buzz Bingo will be using Synalogik’s solution, Scout®, to create significant operational efficiencies and support us in delivering a consistent and quality customer experience for our bingo customers online as well as in-club. ”
Simon Reynolds
Chief Compliance Officer –
Buzz Bingo
“Synalogik’s platform Scout® allowed Betway to reduce open-source search times from 2 hours to 5-10 mins maximum to gather the information, freeing up time to analyse and interpret the search findings and make an effective decision on how to progress with our investigation.”
Simon Kent
Customer Relationship Manager –
Betway Group

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Synalogik helps Betway reduce open source search time by a factor of 10x

Betway’s open-source process was completely manual and could take up to 2 hours per customer depending on the amount of information found.

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Scout® offers a single source of intelligence, aggregating all your data sources and saving up to 85% of your analysts’ time.

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