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Commercial Insurers: The Future in Automated Commercial Risk Assessment

The Ernst and Young, 2020 Global Insurance Outlook shows from 2013 to 2018, commercial insurance saw faster overall growth at 16.2% vs. 10.6%, compared to personal lines. However, at the same time expense ratios in commercial insurance rose from 34.1% to 40.8%.

In this white paper we examine how insurers can grasp this market opportunity for growth, while tackling the challenge of those increased expense ratios. The topics include:

  • What can be learnt from personal lines.
  • The importance of multiple data sources.
  • How open-source data on individuals can be used to more accurately price commercial risk.
  • How automation technology can be used by insurers to gain the benefits of additional data sources without increasing costs.
  • In turn, how those additional data sources can be used throughout the insurance lifecycle for claims investigation, monitoring and MTA.

Commercial Insurance, The Future of Automated Risk Assessment

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Warren​ Coles
Warren is a growth and digital marketing veteran with over twenty years' experience across SaaS and the wider technology area in general.