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Disfigured by Austerity – what is the future for the public sector?

From the Casey report to Breaking the Chain, the public sector has had a barrage of reports issued in the past few months – mostly damning. I examine the various reports and consider what this means for the future of the public sector.

The reports I have reviewed share common themes – investigating fraud remains labour intensive and highly time-consuming, resulting in heavily burdened resources who simply can not turn every stone or follow every line of enquiry. Where investigations overlap between government agencies and police forces, there is no clear line of sight. Leadership has been questioned through the Casey report, the HMIC Vetting report and in the Breaking the Chain report.

The public sector faces significant challenges in not only preventing and detecting fraud, but in vetting and the running of the public sector – both in Policing and Government. It would be too simplistic to say that with adequate funding these challenges will diminish, and with the right leadership all the deep cultural challenges within the MET and within the Government will be resolved. But funding is key – without it, there are not enough resources, technology or otherwise, to tackle fraud, vetting or any other labour-intensive exercise.

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Julie Hewitt
Julie spent 17 years working in the Public Sector, Firstly in the Health & Safety Executive, then HM Revenue & Customs, where she worked as an Information consultant, and latterly as Data Contracts manager, supporting the procurement and delivery of HMRC's Commercial Data contracts and provided commercial support and governance to the business. From there she went to Equifax for over 7 years, where she headed up the Public Sector, supporting clients across Government, Police, Local Authorities, Housing and NHS. Julie led on all strategic procurement tenders, ensuring Equifax provided solutions that were fit for purpose and in line with client requirements and budgets. Building on her 24 years’ experience, Julie is now the Head of Government Sales within Synalogik. She ensures clients get the best solution to their problem, providing the Scout® platform and the right data to support investigations, intelligence, vetting, and fraud.