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Understanding the UK Fraud Pandemic: Size, key areas of growth, and how Government can use technology to play a role in turning the tide.

Fraud constitutes just over 18% of ALL “victim-based crime” reported within the UK according to the Home Office, and just shy of 13% of police recorded crimes to the year ending March 2021. This has made fraud the single most prevalent form of offending in the UK.

In this white paper, we examine how the UK Government, through its various departments, agencies and police forces can help businesses and the public sector better detect, deter, investigate and prosecute fraud in 2022? Topics include:

  1. What is the actual size and scale of the problem?
  2. The areas of fraud activity that are declining and increasing.
  3. The technology that is available to both find more fraud and increase investigation efficiency.
Daniel White
Daniel Co-Founded Synalogik Innovative Solutions in 2018 with individuals who came from intelligence, policing and military (UKSF) backgrounds. Daniel has practised for 18 years as a barrister in Citadel Chambers, after studying law at Birmingham University. He specialises in sports and criminal law; in particular the prosecution of serious and grave offences. Daniel is also a Judicial Officer for the RFU, Six Nations and World Rugby.